When seperation comes

posted on 14 May 2010 07:41 by crescent in Spoiler

I just understand when one of my closest friend got fired from the job.

actually it looks like just a little thing, i don't even know why he got sacked
i don't wanna know and i don't wanna ask him about that
but it's been 3 days since he left and i feel that everything is not the same...

Dear Ralfy

I really miss you, i miss you so bad.

I miss you on my soup station
I miss you helping me out on the salad station
I miss you in front of the register, working
I miss you fooling around with me in the morning
I miss the way you used to untie my apron
I miss it when you sticking you tongue out everytime you saw me
I miss your words, convincing that i always got drunk
I miss you shyly smile when you and Max had like offscene conversation in front of me, you act like i don't understand but i know every single word


You're the only one finding me out on FB
You're the only one teasing me
You're the only one who leave comment on my FB everyday
You'te the only one who didn't correct it when i call your name wrong as "Freddy" eventhough you know that's was not your name, but you answered me evertime and after that when i found out that your name is "Ralfy" you know... but all you did is just smile...

2 months working together is too short
and i didn't prepare my heart for your leaving

My friend told me, 'Why are you so sad? You like him that much?'
the truth is, not only me...

Max, Yaravi, Steve, Tony, Annaly, Mo, Oprah, Daniella, Dacia,
Kelly, Ernie, Yvonne, Ashley, Teanna, everybody miss you.

We do feel that sth is not the same when you left...

and... i'm really sorry
sorry that i can't do anything to help you

there is a thousand of things that i wanna say to you,
thousands of thing to talk, thousands of things to ask...

and i know that i've only 6 weeks left
i know that i'll never come back again
that's why i feel really sad, really sorry when you left...

i don't know if anyone will feel this way when i left
but the times i've shared with you guys...

i love you, Ralfy
and i'm so sorry...
i love you all

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