posted on 28 Sep 2009 03:19 by crescent in Spoiler

How hard is it...

I didn't mean to lose you but i just can't find the right way to let you go

i'm too weak, too coward and i'm afraid that i'll get hurt


i was the one who said that everything should end
i just can't act that if i can't stand, i'll get you back

you are not a thing for me

but you are precious one...

how can i just throw you away and pull you back whenever i want

anyway, the seperation might come to us
and one day you'll go on without me

whether you leave me or i leave you, the result is pain

somehow i screaming, crying

"why it wasn't me?
why i'm not the one for you to come and begging for love
for forgiveness, and another chance

if you just say only one word

'don't leave me'

... just a few words then i'll sacrifice everything to have you back
but you'll never do."

And here, i'm still crying

Knowing that i'm less value time after time...


all i want is to shout to you "Leave me! Forget me! get out of my life!"

but i've face the feeling that there's no one by my side...
i just don't want you to be like that, to feel like that...

i just can't let you down

so tell me... is there anyway for me to leave without hurting you?

maybe you just need a friend to talk to
should i stay by your side until you find somebody that you could lean on?

if you just want it that way
i'll just do like that...







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